Handbags, Totes and Backpacks for Nerds

Looking for geek chic handbags, totes and backpacks? I’ve got a bunch! (More than I thought I did.)

In this blog post I’ll be showing off my favorite nerd bags. (That sounds dirty. It’s not dirty.) I’ve collected a bunch of geek chic handbags over the years. There was a time when you would buy like a nerd bag or a geek chic bag and it would fall apart. But those days are over. A lot of mine are fantastic and they’ve last a long time.

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Best Geek Chic Handbags

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Leather Harry Potter Backpack

Harry Potter Leather Backpack

I’ve had this leather Harry Potter backpack the longest. It’s incredibly special to me. (More on that in a minute.)

I’ve had this backpack for more than 16 years. It’s made very well. I’ve got some little pins on it that I got from Tomboy Togs. The backpack has a zip pocket on the front.

The only thing I don’t like about this Harry Potter backpack is that it’s just one big space inside and it can be super dark when you’re trying to find something.

This bag has been all over the world. I wear it when we go on family outings because it’s a good size to carry sunscreen, water, tissues and everything else we might need for the day.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Warner Bros. makes this bag anymore. You’ll have to check Ebay, maybe Poshmark, thrift stores and anywhere else people sell or get rid of their stuff. I’ve had people compliment me and because they’ve never seen one like it.

The story behind this backpack is, when I had my son, when he was an infant, I suffered terribly from postpartum depression. I went from working full-time to being at home full-time with a new baby who a had some health issues. All of my friends were work friends, so they were gone.

That first year was rough. And, because of my depression, I never felt like I should be spending money on myself. I felt like everything should be about him, for him. And then I saw this leather Harry Potter backpack on the Warner Bros. online store, and I was like, oh my gosh, I’ve got to have that bag.

Then I had this little war inside myself about it. It was $75 and I finally decided, you need to do this for yourself, because you deserve something too.

This bag is very important to me because it was the first thing I did for myself, as a person, after I had my son. Not as a mom or a wife, just as Nancy. It was my first step back to being me, you know?

And that is the story behind that bag.

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Captain Marvel Handbag

Captain Marvel Handbag

My Captain Marvel handbag is my current purse. I bought this off ThinkGeek before they got swallowed by Game Stop. It’s made by Loungefly. You might find in other stores like Hot Topic or Target. Here’s another cute little tag from tomboy togs.

I also have a Wonder Woman tag from Tomboy Togs on my Captain Marvel handbag. It confuses people and they think the bag is Wonder Woman. There’s a difference, people! Learn it!

The Captain Marvel handbag isn’t real leather; it’s vegan. But this sucker isn’t going to fall apart. It’s stitched really well. I’ve had it for months now, and it’s held up. The color doesn’t fade.

It’s got a cross body chain that comes with it, but I don’t use it because I’m short and I have giant boobs. Cross bodies don’t work very well for me. The bags end up on my ribs instead of down by my thigh. I much prefer to hold it on my wrist, like an old lady.

I love the little metal pins that are holding the handle on. It’s got a big, big pocket inside and very nice lining that says “Marvel.” It has one zipper pocket and one open pocket. I usually try to throw my keys in there cause they’re big and clunky.

I love this bag. I think the red and blue must draw people’s eyes because I get a lot of compliments on it.

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Harry Potter Wallet

Harry Potter Wallet

This is my Harry Potter wallet. It was a gift from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. They bought it at Borders, but you can get it online.

The wallet, obviously, looks like an envelope from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I also get a lot of compliments on this.

My Harry Potter wallet has held up really well for years. It’s probably vegan leather too.

It has lots of space inside, with a middle zipper pocket, places for cash, places for credit cards and other things. The wallet zips closed, which is definitely a must for me, because I am super clumsy and everything will fall out if I don’t have something that closes.

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Harry Potter Travel Bags

Harry Potter Travel Set

This is an awesome Harry Potter bag set. I this set in a Harry Potter gift exchange that I participated in at Christmas that was organized by The Tipsy Wizards.

First up is this clear travel bag that says Hogwarts alumni. This set also has a cool wristlet, that looks like an envelope from Hogwarts, just like my wallet. It has the address on one side and the seal on the other. The Harry Potter wristlet is perfect for quick trips, concerts, a day out or whatever. You could also take off the strap and just use it as your wallet.

The third bag is a cute, little Hedwig coin purse. It’s adorable!

The thing I really, really love about this Harry Potter travel bag set is — here’s where we’re really gonna nerd out — it tells the story of Harry Potter going to Hogwarts, does it not? First he gets the LETTER. Then he gets HEDWIG. And then he rides the TRAIN to Hogwarts.

The bag set is made by Bioworld.

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Wonder Woman Wallet / Cross Body Bag

Wonder Woman Cross Body Bag

This is a Wonder Woman wallet or cross body bag. This was also a gift. (I get a lot of these awesome gifts. My family knows just what to get me.)  I especially love the size of this Wonder Woman bag it’s small. It’s the perfect size for going to a comic con, or a theme park, or somewhere just for the day.

It’s also made very well by Bioworld of vegan leather. It has a big pocket in the front that snaps shut. In the back, there are slots for credit cards, your license, etc. It’s very handy.

I don’t use this bag all the time because of my big, fat phone. I have a giant Otter Box that doesn’t fit in my Wonder Woman handbag. If you have a regular iPhone, it will fit in the big front pocket.

I’m terribly clumsy. I’ve dropped my phone many, many times. I finally ended up paying for a custom Harry Potter Otter Box that I must have on my phone at all times or it will not survive.

My Wonder Woman wallet is also a cross body bag. It came with a chain that just wasn’t long enough for me. I actually went to Michael’s and got extra chain to lengthen it. As I said above, cross body bags usually don’t work for me because of my short height and my giant boobs. They usually hit me on my rib cage. Lengthening the strap with extra chain worked a treat. You can also unhook the cross body chain and just carry it like a wallet.

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Wonder Woman Tote Bag

Wonder Woman Tote Bag

My husband bought me this giant Wonder Woman tote bag. He saw that I had posted on Facebook that I needed a laptop bag. I didn’t know that he was paying attention and he ordered this for me.

My Wonder Woman tote bag is also made by Bioworld of fake leather. When I first got it, I was worried that it wouldn’t protect my laptop because it’s soft and pliable. But, when I put my laptop in the tote bag, the laptop weighted the bottom and carried it perfectly. I also had room for files.

It’s huge. It has a snap at the top to close up the bag. The tote has one small pocket inside, where I keep my business cards. It also has a cute tassel.

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Harry Potter Fold-Up Tote Bag

Note: I very much suggest you watch the video to see this fold-up tote bag in action.

Harry Potter Tote Bag

Last, but not least, is this Harry Potter fold-up tote bag that I bought at a local shop. I found it buried in a stall. The Harry Potter tote bag was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I fell in love with it, so I kept it!

The bag starts out as a small packet that, again, looks like the envelope from Hogwarts. It’s great for traveling because you can fold it up and pack it away. Then, when you go to a comic con or you got souvenir shopping on a trip, you can unfold the tote bag to use.

Unzip the packet and unfold the whole thing into a Harry Potter tote bag. The full tote bag is black with a pattern of House crests. However, it doesn’t have the Hufflepuff House crest! That’s not cool.

Once it’s unfolded into a tote bag, you can use the small envelope space as a zippered, small pocket where you can carry your credit cards, your driver’s license, whatever. Is it not the best thing ever invented?

The Harry Potter tote bag is nylon, which means it’s water resistant. Although, I wouldn’t purposely test it.

Once you’re finished with it, just fold it back up into the neat, little Hogwarts envelope packet and zip it up. I love it!

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Do you have geek chic handbags? Which one is your favorite Let me know in the comments!

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